Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{E-Session} Rendon & Debbie

It didn't take longer than a minute to love these two couple the very moment I met them only on the day of the shoot last February. Especially because they're one of those sweetest couple I've adored shooting. There's not a need much for me to even explain why. Really. And it's not just because they were too cute to give me a special surprise card,too? *winks*

Meet Rendon and Debbie. I was so giggly to upload this set finally. 
Debbie sent me an email first week of January --- oh you bet it made a great start of my year! =)
Both of them are Filipinos working and living now in Vietnam. *Oh yes Vietnam, that one country I love to visit too soon and takes loads of street photos!!! So Vietnam, you just wait!!!* :P
It so happen they wanted to visit Singapore for a quick vacation during the Chinese New Year and thought might as well have their engagement photos taken while they're on the fly! :P

They didn't opt for anything glowing or dazzling to wear --- all they had were utterly genuine smiles and bursting hearts that tell you straight how happy they are together --- just simply being themselves! :)

Debbie shared to me with much giggle,too how it all started over an insistent and persistent Rendon wanting to buy her coffee at first and then tried asked for her number. Debbie kept turning him down but Rendon obviously wasn't the type who'd throw away the 'I surrender' flag so he eventually managed to get Debbie's number in the end.

Their first date? Was over Starbucks. Debbie had tea and I could imagine how they must have exchange laughter endlessly, sharing stories of all sorts till there was no more tea left on Debbie's cup. "Let's go home, shall we?', Debbie suggested. "Oh, do you want more water for your tea?", Rendon replied. *Aaaah, such a smart move, Rendon!!!! Ahehe*

Anyone please find me a synonym for 'uber sweet'? :P

Love love love.....
Up up...and up they gooo! Hehe

 Oh soo fun!!! Weeeh!

 I can still hear how Debbie laughs out loud here ya know! :P

More hugs and sweet kisses :P

"Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale." 
Enough said. :P

I'm so thrilled that these adorable two are getting married soon in November.

I wish I'd be able to visit you both in Vietnam (then we'll have part 2 esession? hahaha) coz really, I'm starting to miss the fun of being with you guys!
 And I'm certain it will be a grand ride to your new married life soon! 
 So here's us wishing you both the very best of everything! Congratulations in advance!
Taken in Fort Canning Park, Raffles Hotel & Chimes (Singapore)
7 February 2011

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