Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back & beyond.

It's overwhelming to look back at how 2010 unfolded with so much challenges and lessons learned on my road to photography. It makes me start getting all sappy & sentimental (again) how much the Universe conspired every step of the way. I started out in 2009 all fired up (and maybe vain!) but still  naive to hold out my camera out there (you'd all probably laugh out when you see how I started but oh well, tsk tsk) and having been behind the viewfinder, photography has brought me amazing experiences and got connected to a LOT of beautiful inspiring people (in person and online) --- and if those things came wrapped as a gift --- I'd never trade it with anything else in this world, not a single chance --- even if you try and bribe me with that diana dreamy lens I've been drooling lately! *grin*

So everyday, I owe the Universe an attitude of gratitude ...and for all the wondrous couples I've met along the way, I won't get tired of saying THANK YOU for putting more meaning to what have shaped my very soul till this day. Because having been able to document a part of your lives & love stories is one of the most rewarding thing I'll cherish ever.

Aivan & Gaya, Singapore, Oct 2010
Rhoel & Blanche, Singapore, Nov 2010

And to the more than 1,000 friends (likers) in my Facebook page, a few following me on Twitter now & to YOU who maybe just lurking around every now and then *wink wink*, I hope I've, one way or another, brought some love and inspiration to you through every post I've shared in the past. (although forgive my random non-sense-shout-outs sometimes teeheee).

My wish remains the same --- to one and all ---
Here's to Law of Attraction & May 2011 be as GRAND as your DREAMS can ever be!!! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Bali - Forever After} Moyo & Yvonne

 "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, 
that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. 
And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hoped to give you forever."
~ from the movie, The Notebook
"Forever After" --- that's how I'm gonna start calling every couple's post-engagement shoot and just last month, I was able to photograph Moyo and bestfriend Yvon when we went together for a short Bali trip (of which more photos are yet to be uploaded I knowww, sorry again but at least I managed to post Day 1 here! Hehe). And if you remember, I was still starting out in my photography and happily documented their engagement and their wedding last year,too.

This turned out as a quick & spontaneous session though (less than an hour i think hehe). We were out there almost losing our way in finding a deserted island called Padang-padang Beach. And we really mean deserted because we were the only ones who climb down almost a hundred steps or so to find this paradise in the middle of nowhere. And yes, it was wayyy worth it! If it weren't too scary to stay longer, we'd be camping out!!! =)
There we found a long stretch of sparkling sand, got all sunkissed and captivated by the overwhelming view of turquoise seas ....what more could we ever ask for? =)

Moyo and Yvon are celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary by Dec 30th
and so it's timely that I'm posting this to cheer them on! Weeeeeh! 
You both have always deserved a happily ever after! Congrats!!!

{E-Session} Punch & Trish

I love 'love stories'. No matter how it's told, there's always a nostalgic feeling about it. Other than the great movies we've seen, I love hearing it more from real people who share real experiences. 
Meet Punch and Trish --- such two delightful souls in love.
Trish has been working in a law firm here in Singapore for quite sometime now while Punch is a prominent  lawyer back home in the Philippines and lecturing at a prestigious university. I told you they're geniuses! =)  When Trish scheduled the engagement shoot, I was already all excited as she was!!!
They actually just came from their Cambodia trip that morning (Trish even gave me a keepsake!) and went straight to having our shoot in the afternoon. But despite that short time, it was really really fun!!!

With Trish' really contagious smile, you can't help but grin as wide as hers. =)

Punch appears to be a really cool down-to-earth-guy and even a romantic one. He told me the story of how she met Trish over a coffee shop during their university days. It was one of the sweetest things I've heard.

Adorable & pretty you, Trish!

And isn't this even sweeter? =)

I love how colorful they are in the street shots....

Punch was all natural...see!!!  =)

Off we went for a quick and late lunch hehe =)

This might be one of my favorite scene. I took a quick snap before they tried to cross the street.
Holding hands always tells a LOT of emotions. Don't yah agree?

"Can you save a seat for me?" -- Punch wrote on a piece of paper and gave it to Trish years ago when he met her first time on a coffeshop.

Trish must have been out of words when she replied... =)
That was how their story started and I'm ending this post with this photo. Nostalgic to imagine them the first time they met.

Sending my big love and wishes to Punch and Trish getting married pretty soon!!! 
What a lovely way to start a new year together! May your years ahead be filled with lasting joy!

Taken last October 24, 2010

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