Friday, November 26, 2010

I ♥ Bali - Day 1

This is going to be a bit daunting task as I try to relive our Bali experience. This post is over 3 weeks overdue I knowwwww. And amidst other overdues, I just have to sneak this in before I get lost in my head --- yeah, it does happen to me, I've become forgetful that I rely so much now on my google calendar or the husband to remind me this and that. I hope that's not any sign of medical issues, huh? Eeeek.

Wait, before I start my lil paranoia, if you missed my previous post, I went for a lil get-away to the Island of the Gods recently together with Brian and few friends. It was the much needed vacay I needed I swear I could go insane if I didn't make that trip. That desperate. Tsk Tsk.

Even Teddy can attest how desperate I was. Ha-Ha.

While waiting for our Bali flight at the Singapore Airport -- the crazy me + Brian + Teddy

The travel buddies - Brian, Chris, Moyo & Yvon --- aren't we all crazy excited huh?

A few thousand kilometers above sea level --- I love sitting by the window side and glare happily at the sea of clouds and then I start dreamin' vivid "One day, I'll go for sky-diving. That's been written on my bucketlist." =)
A few hours after, we landed and this is how silly they looked when we arrived. Teehee!
While on the road, we saw this.... and I pretty much felt how Bali makes me feel closer to home, in Cebu. And that's why I already got scared of leaving too soon.
A Balinese mother with her lil girl --- on a motorbike. Seriously? Apparently, in Bali, the easiest way of transport for the locals is riding on motorbikes so when you're caught up in the road, you'll see a parade of traffic with bunch of motorbikers.
On our way to our lodge.... and this was when I started wondering "Where's the nearest beach?"
We arrived safely in Udayana Kingfisher Lodge around 4pm I think but we all were too surprised. It seemed that we booked our lodge situated in the mountains. Yes, in a much tucked-away-mountain,  but supposedly we all imagined we should have been just walks away from the beach --- but we're not. TripAdvisor's reviews sure have mislead us huh?

But we weren't really too sad. Udayana was lovely as it was. And I love the mountain side. It was just not timely to what we intended to do first thing in Bali. Teehee. So, the decision we came up with was to just stay for one night here and the next day, we'll backpack to the city and find a different place to stay -- yes, near the beaches.

While we were there, I took a few snaps....

Udayana's Guestbook was pretty huge. Cool.

Wish I had more time to check what books they had here....pretty cozy.
There was a pool? But I got disappointed. Did I menton there were an army of mosquitoes there? Sadly, yes...and you don't wanna stay longer in the pool area and get all bitten.
Then there it was...I saw a well.... a creepy one though. I couldn't go near it. And I dare not say what movie it was that resembled this well. Eeeeeeeeek.

Okay, I'm just being paranoid. Again, the place was nice --- and so peaceful...but if you're like me who's a scaredy-cat, you'd feel too creepy to stand around if you're alone.

After settling down our things in our rooms, we headed out to Jimbaran Bay to hunt food. It was almost sundown and I was prayin' I could catch Bali's sunset. Not too lucky for us though, weather was bit cloudy. *sniff*
So all I got were these....
Below is my most decent image of Bali's sunset -- and might be my only one.  =(
SOOC (straight out of the camera)
 As our first night in Bali crawled in, we were already so famished we didn't care how many thousands we'll spend for dinner. Ha-ha. Yes, thousands & millions!!! Indonesia's currency has made us instant millionaires. =)
Now since we ate leisurely by the shore, there was not enough lighting for me to shoot our food so I ended up using on-camera-flash and I hated it....but oh well, I still had to -- hope it's still enough to let you salivate. Hahaha.
Bali's Nasi Goreng (fried rice, yum yum!)
 Some yummy grilled fish....forgot the name.

 Giant...giant lobster that cost us thousands. Ha-ha.

I sipped happily my fresh coconut and after billing out and too much food we almost couldn't stand up hehehe, we decided to go to Kuta area via a taxi (which by the way comes cheap in Bali) and walked around KUTA to find a place to stay for the next day.

Saw a few landmarks...

When it was getting late, we head back to Udayana. We just had to survive a night there. Need I tell you how it was more creepy to walk in the night at the lodge? --with all the crickets and frogs singing out loud, I can't bear to even stand and go to the toilet alone. Hah.

There! Day 1 is posted! Will work on posting Day 2 soon. =)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Project Airmail Love + December Rush

This is an apology post actually. Back in June, I shamelessly launched my Project Airmail Love and I made a promise that I'm sending my reply to those who took their time to send their love via postmail on my bartday. While it was such a miracle to know I did receive a few but I want you to know I haven't broken my promise at all....though i apologize for being late but at least I pray it reaches your mailbox soon before the Christmas holidays. Wehehehe *wink*

So from the deepest part of me, I sincerely Thank You over and over again. It really meant so much to me. Every word of it.

And while there's only a few days left before December steps in,  I am bit frantic and on a whirlwind again. I made a shout out in Facebook/Twitter why and yeah, I still have around 7-8 e-sessions (i think) + 2 weddings to upload in the blog soon and really targetting before 2010 ends that everything will be posted. Someone's crazy busy, I pray I even have time for Xmas rush shopping. Hehe *big gulp* 

But don't get me wrong, I feel really utterly blessed. It just might appear that I will need to update my looooong wishlist to Santa. =)

{E-Session} Rain & Cacay

Cacay sent me an email excitedly back in August and found out about my photography when she googled out my name from a girl-talk forum.  When I personally met them both, I found out they also knew a previous client I photographed before.  How cool!

But I feel more cool and lucky having met them both. Such adoring couple to shoot, it was hard to pick all favorites I wanted to post here.
Rain and Cacay have been together for almost 6 years now and I love how this image frames them together ---happy and inlove --- such feeling just lingers. =)
So we were at this park and then there was a swing to play with...Yey!

Looks like they didn't wanna stop swingin' anymore... hehe

Cacay kept telling me how different she looked especially with someone who's also not used to having make up --- but with how the photos came out, she looked just radiant. =)
This one right here --- is one of my favorites. Lovers at a standstill.

I love watchin' Dawson's Creek series before and this scene below just reminds of that. =)

Rain had prepared paperplanes to be part of the shoot... super fun!!! =)

Since both love travelling, we took some scenes at the airport, too. 
Wouldn't it be nice to go wherever your heart leads you to and just randomly pick the next earliest flight? *wink*

Best wishes and congratulations in advance to you both on your wedding very soon this December! 
Stay all loving and happy together!!! 

Taken last Oct 9, 2010
HMUA: Myca Feng

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