Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{Baby Love} Indigo.

Take a sprinkling of fairy dust,
An angel's single feather,
Also a dash of love and care,
Then mix them both together.
Add a sentiment or two,
A thoughtful wish or line,
A touch of stardust, a sunshine ray...
It's a recipe, for a Baby Girl truly fine.

-Author Unknown

If you've been here with me since I started my photography, you can probably all remember Niño and Jeandy during their anniversary shoot. And then followed with Jeandy's bump love shoot. We live together on the same apartment for over almost a year now and they've been a family to me since I met them in Singapore so it comes naturally capturing a part of their lives especially now that Baby Indigo is here.....

Meet Indigo...goin' 6months old soon...
She can't sit on her own yet but look how we managed to let her sit pretty. *big grin*
While I was finishing my edits on this, I couldn't help but just giggle giggle giggle. Too adorable.. just like her own name. Daddy & Mommy both love the color 'indigo' so much so even before she's born, they've already decided to name her after it....

"Because she's bringing more color to our already colorful lives." - said Mommy Jeandy.

"And we considered the color 'indigo' or purple as "mature pink" - elegant, lady-like and sophisticated - the color of royalty."- added Daddy Niño.
You wonder where she's looking? Well, shooting a baby doesn't look too easy --- I needed to let the parents cheer her crazily,too at my back or beside me (see behind the scene) me, I even tried dancin' while shooting her. Heheh And it was way way fun that we've been just laughin' out loud in the middle of the park!!!

And baby Indigo seems to be having the time of her life,too --- weeeeeeh! =)

And this must be just the cutest of the cutest of the cuteeeesstttt of them all!!!!!!! =)
 Time to rest and cuddle with mommy now.....
And show us the silliest baby smile...hehehe uber cuteeeeeee!!!

Playtime with Daddy.....weeeeeeeh!!!

 Oh...such a Daddy's Lil Girl, aren't you?

Baby tryin' to reach the tea cups....

 And she crawled harder....but failed.... hahahah
Baby love love love!!!

I bet you'd grow up as pretty and happily in love as Daddy and Mommy. 

 And you'll wear the prettiest and chic dresses, shoes, bags, and wear make up like Mommy Jeandy does and you'll be just as fabulous!
Mommy Jeandy just knows what's best for you.

Daddy + Mommy + Indigo = LOVE LOVE LOVE!

In writing my own story,too.

“I wanna do something huge with my story. But I can't do that unless I'm choosing my own path...unless I'm writing my own story."
-Jasmine Star

It's past midnight and I was already covering my head under my fave pillow...tryin' badly to sleep. But my thoughts were racing in my head as fast as the beating inside my chest and so I decided to sneak out -- to write this blogpost --- while hoping not to disturb the husband's sleep. 

I was just seriously overwhelmed and deeply affected, yet again, when my superhero photographer Jasmine Star posted this video....and hope it's just not me, but I was all happy & teary watchin' it. And i don't care if you think (again) I'm too emotional or sappy or plainly weird. I've said it countless times, leaving a comment on J*'s blog or sharing on my FB/ thing you know, I might be meeting her personally one miraculous day, huh? ---but really, I am as always grateful that the Universe created someone like Jasmine for the overwhelming inspiration she brings. This is yet another one of those prick on the heart, the wonderful kind that aches and a big knock on my do SOMETHING MORE and BETTER in writing my own story my own ways...and in every chance I get, I love that I'm able to just enjoy sharing my stories through my blog (even if no one will ever read it) and capture more of life with my photography.

So if you happen to be reading this, just click play, hopefully I made sense...coz by now you can already tell how many times I've hit the replay. =)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

{Food & Travel - Bohol} Bee Farm Love.

It was 22nd of January, 2011. I was bound home to attend my bestfriend's wedding on the 24th. But first, I'm goin' on a little adventure trip. And exhilarating may not be enough word to start with. My flight arrived from Singapore to Cebu at early 4am....and with less no sleep on the plane, I waited outside the airport for my sister-in-law Charisse (husband's sis & fellow photographer too) to pick me up. And where were we goin'?

Straight to the pier to get on a to a quick road trip to Bohol.

We were meeting up with another wanderlust friend, Mai a.k.a.The Shutterfairy.I have so much to say about this delightful & soulful lady, apart from the fact that we both share deep love in photography and anything that's VINTAGE...and I mean anything. And this is actually our 2nd official meet up yet --- although we've always been exchanging FB comments and messages which originally started back at Flickr where I first saw all her marvelous and inspiring stream...and since then I've always wanted to take a portrait of her. Sadly, we didn't have so much time during this trip to do that portrait shoot, so yeah -- it's a bit of a bummer but definitely looking forward for the next time we meet again and hopefully we get to travel together, too. Right, Mai? =)

Anyway, there we were at the pier and as we met & hugged again it just felt like we've known each other long enough we could be bestfriends already. *grin* The main reason why I'm goin' to Bohol in fact is because of her --- blaming it all on her --- haha --- I was too inspired when she posted her trip to Bohol Bee Farm last year that I couldn't wait to pack my bags and all the rest of her travel stories make me just get to all those places in a heartbeat.  =)

Well, Hello, Bohol. I'm feeling all bliss that I finally made it back here. I can only count in one hand the few times I was here to be honest...and never knew about the bee farm till now.

After our 2hr-boat ride, we arrived to find ourselves haggling drivers to send us to Bohol Bee Farm right away. Good thing Mai was well-aware already how some could deceived tourists so we made sure we picked the right price around. From getting P3.5k offer to rent a car, we pulled it down to someone offering P1.5k. Yey! So if you plan to also go here, make sure you don't get fooled around with their overpriced offers.
Here's one driver I saw but no, sorry Mr Driver, we're not hiring you. However, let me just take one photo of you, okay? And he gave me this fierce look. Hehehe.

As we rode along the road to bee farm, I started feeling sluggish -- why hello, I really haven't slept for more than 24hrs that time then. You can just imagine. But I tried to keep my spirits awake. Then I saw all these rice fields and vast greens --- and I told Mai & Charisse how I wished we could stop the car and take photos first coz I wanted badly to frame in my camera that nipa hut in the middle of the fields --- but the rain started drizzling so we needed to make sure we get to bee farm before the rain poured harder. The rice fields reminded me so much of Ubod in Bali. Only then that I realized how all beautiful is Bohol --- and all happy thinking if I ever miss Bali again, there's always Bohol close enough to remind me of it. Definitely, I need to go back to either! =)

Took a short nap while on the road,too...and then we finally arrived at Bohol Bee Farm and I could feel an adrenaline heart was in for a wonderful treat again.
...and I kept asking myself who could ever be such a real genius artist and created this oh-so-happy-pretty- place?

Since we were all famished, we dig in to the menu right away --- and  since it's Mai's 2nd time coming here, we let her choose for us mostly what to eat. Even the menu is some kinda magically created. Everything my eyes can feast on is all artsy love! =)
I fell in love for the rustic chairs, the wooden tables and the table settings. No, not just that, I mean EVERYTHING there was squeezing my heart. It felt like a fairy tale to be just there.

And the food there was everything organic. I choked a bit knowing it on Mai's blogpost then. Because I was not really a veggie-person. Hahaha. However, I love salads and can muster eating some leafy stuff...just no slimy stuff pleaseeee. =)
Home made organic pesto and buttery thing i forgot the name....yum!
Camote bread...yum yum!!!
And here was our organic garden salad.... topped with some indigenous flowers! Yes you can eat the flowers! I almost didn't believe Mai when she said we could actually eat them. Tsk tsk. It does look pretty to eat, huh? But naah, I didn't try one yet. =)

Good thing there was chicken on the menu. Hehe
A mountain of greens. My mother will be so happy to know I ate some of it. =)

See how so many things were invented magically here....
Starting with this old old old sewing machine now stands pretty as a dining table. I love!!!
There was a massage ("hilot") area ...I will definitely try that next time I come back!!!!

And the enchanting sea was just over the cliff the boardwalk. Oh I love boardwalks! (I got married on a boardwalk by the beach in fact!)

I wanna teleport back here ..NOW...and bring along Brian and spend lazy days forever if we could.

So here's my only neat portrait of Mai. Hahah she was probably busy checking/uploading something in Facebook, hehe. You can read her latest blogpost for our trip here.  Thanks for the warm thoughts,too Mai! I love sharing our dream places and little of life stories,too with you!!! =)

By the way, it started getting all really hot sun shiny first before there was rain and to be honest, we were all sweating out ourselves already so we kinda looked all swamped, most especially ME so we've put aside taking portraits of ourselves that time then. That explains why you won't see much of our silly faces. tsk tsk.
I want a lawn outside the backyard that will look as much like this.

Life's little reminders were widely decorated...
A favorite quote to live by...

And everything so rustic and shabby...I sooooo wish I live here!!!!!!!

Before we had to leave this place *wish we didn't have to!* , Mai introduced us to organic ice creeeeaaaaaaammmmmm. Yes, you heard that right. I told you everything here is madly organic! 
And I had Buko & Ube....I couldn't dare malunggay yet. Maybe next time. =)
And see my hair? No I didn't go for a swim, that's how swamped I already looked. Gah!!!!
And the kindred souls who made such great company - Mai and Cha. I can't THANK YOU both enough. Big hugs to you pretty ladies!!!
Indeed indeed....
Hope it won't sound weird but a thought came across my head...
If I had to spend the last few days of my existence, it better be a place as peacefully & heavenly as this. 

Happy weekend everyone!
Life is not actually just good...but beyond great!!!

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