Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving out, goodbye Blogspot!

It's finally happening.... tomorrow *insert update* Today, 26th of May, I'm moving out!

If you happen to be here for the first time, don't yah worry! I don't have plans of deleting this old blog. After all this is where everything started for me and I'll sure miss the old home still despite problems technically in blogging here. =)

For those who've been following me here, I can't thank you enough. Really.
But I'm excited to see you all in my new lil happy corner.

This way pleaseeee...
Update your bookmarks!
Spreadin' la la lurv!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Saturday + my 25km goal + another exhilarating news ahead!

Just random things....

1. Took that uber cute photo above from last tuesday's beach fun with my friends. =) I still need my beach fix soon. Oh please dear Summer, don't leave me yet! :p

2. I've been lounging at the imac still tinkering with the new blogsite so obviously, it's been occupyin' a whole lot of my daysssss. I hope I meet my deadline.

3. I ran like it's the last time I'll ever run last week and reached my first 21km goal and I'm running my official record ever and longest run yet of 25km goal today (if it doesnt rain!) - in fact this afternoon!!!! (and what am i still doing blogging instead of preparing for it huh? haha) If you just sent a goodluck wish to me or about to chant a lil prayer hoping I'll make it to the finish line hehe, I surely appreciate that! *wink* 

4. I haven't enrolled to my nihongo class but it looks like I might enroll for French first --- it's about time I at least understand the French songs I've been listening to! :P 

5. You know how when it's really hard to keep a secret sometimes? Well I can't hold it much longer --- so I'll announce yet another exhilarating news next week soon! Some of my closest friends know it but please don't spoil my surprise news yet (for the nth time, no I'm not preggers yet! hahaha) Ssssssh!!! Am i such a teaser? :P

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{E-Session) Jess & Beth

"There was really no proposal. We just decided to step up....", Beth shared that to me when I asked her how their love story transpired over the years. "He brought out the worst in me and yet he loves me with all that I am."

Awww. That's like the sweetest thing to say. Yeah?

Meet Jess and Beth.

Jess is working in Singapore while Beth comes and goes back to Manila. Beth is so far one of the busiest bride I've met. Well, how can she not be when she's also a professional wedding planner herself running around to make every bride's wedding a dream come true for them. In fact, she found out about me through some of the bride's she's work with that I've already photographed. Now that it's time for her to get married,too, it's amazing to think that she managed to squeeze in a time for their engagement shoot that we did last September. Yes, last year. I only was allowed to post their photos finally now because they're getting married next week (May 24th)!!! How exciting that's going to be for them counting down the days left!!!

They are such a funny tandem. Full of zests when they're together! =)




Well, we didn't get to finish the whole set of this photo session actually due to limited time so yeah, there's most likely a Part 2 of this after their wedding when they'll both come back to Singapore soon. Hehe *winks to Beth & Jess* =)


Did I mention we just found out we've moved in to the same neighborhood this year? Ahaha
So, how fun is that to know from being strangers, now friends, we'll just be knockin' on each other's doors anytime we could. =)

Hope the lovely beach wedding in Boracay will be grand and fab for yah!
And wishing you a world of happiness on that day and forever through!

Congratulations guys! Hugs! =)


Taken last September 2010

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Becoming Yourself.

"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect
and beginning the work of becoming yourself."

- Anna Quindlen

Quick post. Or maybe not.

If you're following me on my Facebook page or Twitter, you'll already know by now that I'm working with all my might on a better blogsite so I might be a little on and off the radar. I sure did say this long ago that I was going to revamp little by that I have quite the time in this world to sit long hours on it, I'm so excited to launch the better look, bigger photo displays, and a few perks that I've invested on. Yes, it's about time. Should I give out a deadline to myself then so I don't give more excuses next time, huh? Hehehe

Okay, before June it is. Will definitely launched the new happy bloghome. Please be patient with me. *wink*

Photo above taken in the Osaka-ju Castle, Japan during our spring trip last April 2011.
Hai! hai! hai!!!! the Japan photos will look great in the new blogsite soon. Promise! =)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finding your path.

"When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way."
— Paulo Coelho
I grew up in a family that never could afford a camera back then. My mother would just hire some local photographer to shoot random family pictures, during special occasions or when we're lucky, join in from the neighbors. We don't have birthday pictures every year. Not even during Christmas. Sometimes I wish we had a camera at least, it would have been really nice to see more of our baby pictures,too and all the times I lost a tooth. Haha. But it's okay. That was how life was. And it's not really a sad part of my life. That's just the way we roll. =)

Times change and blessings come along. That's why Life is never selfish! =)
I got my first ever handed down, ever reliable, Nikon D40x around Feb 2009.
Then upgraded to the next in May 2010 with the Nikon D300s.
Luckily this year, May 2011, all stars aligned hallelujah!!! --- it's about time to plunge into full frame.
My D700 is a wish-list no more. =)

Don't you love waking up each day believing there's so much beauty to capture yet in this world?
Well, yes, I'd love to do just that for the rest of my life.  
Thank you Thank You Thank You Universe!!!

Happy Monday ya'll!!! =)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love without getting tired.

"Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. 
What we need is to love without getting tired."
— Mother Teresa

One time, around 22 years ago (yeah, that's how long ago it was!) I went home, holding up to myself a bucket of tears until I reach our house and tell my mother what seemed to be the saddest news for me back then. Well, I was probably still 8 yrs old.

"What happened to you?', my mother was so concerned.
I started crying. Really hard.
"I didn't make it to First Place in the class...", I sobbed and sobbed.
But I made it to Second though.

Well, I can't remember all the details of what happened afterwards. All I know was I wanted to always make my parents proud. Ever since after that sad moment, I persevered naturally and was motivated to get better, even if I get to second place long as I gave it my very best.  My mother was always there to tie my ribbon on stage every time I get an award. When 6th grade came, I made it and graduated Valedictorian! Oh yes, without sounding too braggy about it, I cried happy tears, even how much scared I was for not finishing my valedictory speech on stage. Well, hello, I had stage fright. Hahah.

One thing certain, it felt like everything paid off. And my dearest mother witness it all. My mom didn't even finish her high school due to lack of finance but without her untiring love and support to make sure we didn't experience what she'd gone through --- I wouldn't be 'ME' now and I owe everything from her. 

I love you, Mother Lucing! :) I don't say that as often as I really should but I mean it more than anything else!!! Although you may not know how to exactly log on to the Internet and all and won't even be able to read this post ever I think hehe....but it's okay, I'm seeing you soon again and we'll celebrate a day that you'll ever deserve! =)

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama and to all deserving Moms out there! =)

Photo above: A blooming sakura, taken from our spring trip in Kyoto, Japan.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Dennis ♥ Anna

They're two architects happily in love.
And from the looks of it, I bet they'll draw out a great future together.

Ooooh I can't wait to post this whole set of Dennis and Anna soon.... *wink*

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saying 'Yes'!

"Everything tells me that I am about to make a wrong decision, but making mistakes is just part of life. What does the world want of me? Does it want me to take no risks, to go back to where I came from because I didn't have the courage to say "yes" to life?"
— Paulo Coelho
Well, a BIG YES to Life and Law of Attraction it is!

I am now a full-time dreamer and a trainee housewife.

And I Thank the Universe for aligning the stars for me again and again! =)

You see, it took me a bit of time to start this post. I've been tryin' to hold on to my chair since last week or a month ago actually, before I do publish this and tell the Internet an oh-so-exhilarating-news! =)

Today I officially started my indefinite leave from the rat race. Feel free to blink your eye while reading this coz yes, I've finally done it. I resigned from my full time job and decided to take an oh-much-needed-REAL-break!!! For how long? Well, I don't know yet. That's why I called it indefinite. Hehe. Will I miss the corporate world? I can't tell for now. I might go back but maybe after a month or two or three or more ....or never. *wink*

And what am I suppose to do now while on this so-called-break?

Well, it won't definitely be as easy as it may sound. Really. It's not like I've found a pot of gold and I can now have all the time of my life...oh nothing like that, not yet, but hey, I sure am beaming and looking forward to start living my dreams fully,too and do what I passionately love doing and really do MORE, that my dear friends include the art of embroidery. No, I'm not kidding. Haha. Oh I know I'm starting to sound so domesticated, am I? of course! I'll have more time to hopefully be a better housewife, too!!! My dearest mother explicitly reminded me all the housewives-must-dos over the phone when I called her this morning (too bad I didn't have a pen to write them all! tsk tsk) and my father gave his blessings for me to go follow my guts and have faith in me. On top of all this craze I'm putting myself into, I have Brian to be ever so grateful for -- him being there for me, despite me being still an imperfect wife, and supporting my decisions every step of the way (well, we still argue now and then ya knoww!). A matter of fact, I hope I made him proud coz I started experimenting  learning to cook again and served a sumptuous dinner thing ya know, I might just become my husband's all-time-favorite chef. LOL. (special thanks to Junior Masterchef Australia, i couldn't get over how kiddos ages 8-12 can seriously cook , so why can't I? hehe)

If you're curious enough, I've already filled my calendar and task lists to fill my coming sunshiny & rainy days: morning/afternoon runs, blog, revamp website, study (nihongo!), sleep, photoshootsssss (yey!), travel (oh yes travel more i hope!), clean, wash, cook ......and la la la...repeat. *big big grin*

Hope Tuesday treated you all well everyone!!! Spreadin' la la la lurvvv! =)

Photo above taken by Brian, behind the scenes while having a break in between an esession.  
Feel free to peek more behind the scenes over at Facebook.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{E-Session} Rendon & Debbie

It didn't take longer than a minute to love these two couple the very moment I met them only on the day of the shoot last February. Especially because they're one of those sweetest couple I've adored shooting. There's not a need much for me to even explain why. Really. And it's not just because they were too cute to give me a special surprise card,too? *winks*

Meet Rendon and Debbie. I was so giggly to upload this set finally. 
Debbie sent me an email first week of January --- oh you bet it made a great start of my year! =)
Both of them are Filipinos working and living now in Vietnam. *Oh yes Vietnam, that one country I love to visit too soon and takes loads of street photos!!! So Vietnam, you just wait!!!* :P
It so happen they wanted to visit Singapore for a quick vacation during the Chinese New Year and thought might as well have their engagement photos taken while they're on the fly! :P

They didn't opt for anything glowing or dazzling to wear --- all they had were utterly genuine smiles and bursting hearts that tell you straight how happy they are together --- just simply being themselves! :)

Debbie shared to me with much giggle,too how it all started over an insistent and persistent Rendon wanting to buy her coffee at first and then tried asked for her number. Debbie kept turning him down but Rendon obviously wasn't the type who'd throw away the 'I surrender' flag so he eventually managed to get Debbie's number in the end.

Their first date? Was over Starbucks. Debbie had tea and I could imagine how they must have exchange laughter endlessly, sharing stories of all sorts till there was no more tea left on Debbie's cup. "Let's go home, shall we?', Debbie suggested. "Oh, do you want more water for your tea?", Rendon replied. *Aaaah, such a smart move, Rendon!!!! Ahehe*

Anyone please find me a synonym for 'uber sweet'? :P

Love love love.....
Up up...and up they gooo! Hehe

 Oh soo fun!!! Weeeh!

 I can still hear how Debbie laughs out loud here ya know! :P

More hugs and sweet kisses :P

"Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale." 
Enough said. :P

I'm so thrilled that these adorable two are getting married soon in November.

I wish I'd be able to visit you both in Vietnam (then we'll have part 2 esession? hahaha) coz really, I'm starting to miss the fun of being with you guys!
 And I'm certain it will be a grand ride to your new married life soon! 
 So here's us wishing you both the very best of everything! Congratulations in advance!
Taken in Fort Canning Park, Raffles Hotel & Chimes (Singapore)
7 February 2011

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