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I am a Filipino, based in Singapore, currently capturing stories thru my camera on free times and weekends.

I am wanderlust-high, now a full time big dreamer, a lefty, misses my dogs back home terribly, into anime and jdorama, i don't get tired replaying Miyazaki's ghibli films (like never ever!),a Bruce Lee fan (whattta!), loves aikido & martial arts (no, i'm not that scary haha), easily melted away with bossa and jazz, collecting anything bart simpsons and pretty happy vintage finds (oh but really just about anything my heart falls into), i have a lil happy corner and when at home I spend more time these days lounging at the iMac (that's a bad idea right? *ugh!* when I should be out biking or jogging or into the yoga mat?) Hah!

{insert update: can you believe it? i'm back to my joggin' track..weeeeh!}

If I can anytime snap out magically with my fingers, I'd be finding myself being just out in a beach (Phiphi Islands in mind!) --- with a great book in hand, moment by moment just gazing at turquoise skies reflecting sunbeams of love!!! =)
self-portrait with husband, honeymoonin' in july 2009. *wink*

I am oh-yes!-married to an ever supportive husband who's also been my most reliable man assisting my photography and a constant reminder of how BLESSED I am to have him by my side. *wink*

At times, I do find myself wishing I had a grandparent to looked up to with photography, sadly, in a way, I just started learning last Feb 2009 when I had the chance to own a handed-down Nikon DSLR.

But there's no regret on that actually, as I grew and still really learning with my style and burning up my passion thru endless inspiration and support from everywhere, what mattered along is that I am seeing the world thru a viewfinder now certainly in profounding ways I've never imagined.

I've been deeply driven with an utmost dream, quoting.... 
"I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us." - Ansel Adams

Self-portrait with my husband, Radney Brian Minerva

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