Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Lil Happy Corner

I could hear the tweeting of lil birdies outside our window now. Some people could get annoyed with that but not me. It makes me feel more alive. That there's still something always great to look forward to despite unfavorable things that happens and something tells me it could be a sun shiny day perhaps. It did rain early this morning though and before I could wake the husband up, I peeked a little to see how misty it still was outside. So I rolled back and hugged back my pillow tight to snooze some more. =)

It's a Tuesday off from work for me, alone (but not lonely) at home again. The perks of being alone sometimes include the idea of me screaming by myself *singing* if I want to in the shower or in the bedroom and blasting off iTunes. *grin* I'm thinking of washing the laundry but naaah, i'm putting that aside for Thursday (hope Brian doesn't read this post hehe). I'm preparing lotslotslotsofblogpost to post in the coming days. So Im putting my drafts all in the pipeline and hope to schedule them to be published one after the other. Looks like I have about 2 weeks left before our long-awaited big trip (if God permits us to go!) as soon as April steps in and I don't really wanna put more cobwebs on this blog during the time when I'm away so when I can, I will try my best to pop in here.

In the meantime, thought I'd let you peak into my lil happy corner. Thanks to Brian for being my handydandyman in building the mini-library I've little envisioned in my random dreams lately ever since we moved in to the new neighborhood. (Thank you,too Ikea! I found me a lil shabby shelf!) Yeyness!! I really couldn't get a new dog yet to live with us here in Singapore but these my friends can suffice my longing for a new happy pet --- but how can a mini library be comparable to a pet? Oh, that's just my crazy idea. =)

You might have seen some or most of these on random posts I had.... I can't stop hoarding things that make me happy like a child would you see... so yeah, I rummaged pretty (and vintage) things here and there! If only I could own more than just one bookshelf! Oh dear! 
Bart says, 'Hello Internet.'

Next book to pick is the 'Drifters'. My friend Bevlee gave it to me last year and I've been meaning to flip the pages of it soon! =)

And there's my Yashica film camera, yet to develop my first film roll, if I wasn't too busy with other stuff, I promised myself to bring this camera out soon.
My 10-yr-old Teddy bear found his happy place,too right there.
I miss writing Haiku. I love Japan. I could have been a samurai in the past. In fact, I own a shinai given by a fellow samurai. *wink* Haha. =)

My lil collection of kimmidolls. Kawaiii. One given by my dear friend Vee.
Did I mention I am a crazy crazy Bruce Lee fan? =) Photo frame of him given my dear friend Ivy when I visited Californina in 2007 and that toy figurine is from a good friend Jeffrey. It's really not so hard to know what to buy for me on birthdays and such stuff. Hahah.
Yes, I've been obsessed in collecting musical toys and boxes. =)
And these are really just a few yet of my snow balls globe collection (of places I love to visit yet or have already visited). I wanna see the whole World!!!  (Roma, Australia & Tokyo given by friend Fred while I bought the Thailand myself. I forgot to buy something from my last few trips like Hongkong, Bali and Melaka. Eeeek.
My mini-diana lurv. I miss shooting film. =(
I wanna own all the pretty artsy notebooks out there if I can. No, I don't write on 'em so much. I just love keeping them. =)
Too bad this polariod is broken. Or so I thought.

Few cookbooks, crafty guides, caricatures (for Brian) and food/travel book.
I haven't pick up my guitar as often as before but out of the random blues, I would.
Me love the classic and timeless.
See that sunjar? It's solar powered. Just recently bought by my bff Yvon for me. Weeeeeh! =)

Yes, I'm learning Nihongo (that explains the Japanese phrase pocketbook,too) but I admit I have been slacking with it. *sigh*
I have yet to look for the right happy chair or beanbag I could place right here for me to jump into during lazy days. Hmmmm

Oh, see my vintage satchel bag? Thriftily found it here. *wink*
And ooooh , before I end this post, lookieeee!!! I love Anthology mag. Just got my own copy of their second issue. I swear there's too much eye candy I can really eat all the pageeeees!!! =) Thanks to my bff Yvon again for picking it up for me over at Heima store. And speaking of Heima, I have yet to visit that oh-so-uber-crazy-pretty-place! =)
Happy Tuesday wherever you are! =)

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Shutterfairy March 23, 2011 at 7:14 AM  

Looking at this makes me want to change the arrangement of my room.. bookshelf beside my bed instead of my desk..print photos and hang it on my wall..

I remembered you when I shot the Japanese couple last Monday. I asked them about Japan. Interesting country.

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