Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Never lose sight.

It felt like I was waiting the longessstt 2 hrs of my life today before I could excuse myself to get off earlier from work --- we were scheduled to pick up our passport and yet to determine if we got approved or not for our Japan visa. Brian didn't feel agitated or anything for that matter - after all it's not his first time to go to Japan. But it was way different as for my case, coz really, it was me seriously wishing for one of my ultimate dreams to come true...it's like more than just seeing all those japanese anime/drama scenes I've watched on long nights come to life for me. No kidding. And what would make use of the looooong itenirary list I've prepared like ever since there's a lonely planet guide if things won't work out? LOL! =)

I'm sure for some, I sound too naive and visiting to Japan might be just a mundane thing they could take the next plane right away. And some of the lucky ones could just go back anytime they want. And that's like making me always jealous...but inspired. Because I know, one day I'll get there myself. But first, there's the visa application to go through..... but even if the process was really quick, I won't even lie --- my heart was pounding hard I swear you might just hear it if you were beside me (and yes, my knees were even shaking a bit) while waiting for my queue number to be called. Oh but I kept my faith. =)

And just like that, a matter of seconds, the visa officer handed down my passport...and my eyes beamed...I could hug Brian forever ...did my happy dance ...didn't care who saw me...and whispered loud in my heart "Thank You Universe. Thank You God."

So there! I thought I just had to write what just happened today *i'm just bursting out you can tell* haha...and maybe years after, I'd looked back to this post and relive the day I never lose sight of my dreams. *geez I really am a drama queen. so?? hehe*

Ureshiiii ureshiiiiii!

Uhmm.below is an irrelevant photo. Hehe coz it's supposed to be summer now, raaaytttt?...but I'm nowhere near the beach. To suffice, I've planned a short road trip to an old town this weekend with Brian...yey food trip,too!!! and well hopefully, we could find a beach somewhere out there. *wink wink*

my roxy pair. taken in Bali, Nov 2010.

2 souls warmed my heart... ♥:

ting March 9, 2011 at 9:31 AM  

so happy for you, jo!

Shutterfairy March 9, 2011 at 5:00 PM  

can't wait to see your Jap photos.. I'm sure you'd be clicking like crazy..going here and there.. and I'm sure there'd loads of stories to share..happy happy for you.

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