Monday, March 7, 2011

Mini-happiness & Me.

I have this tendency to forget "things" but not 'memories'. I have to put a specific borderline for that. And who doesn't? Brian would popped at times and asked, 'Jhoe, where did you put the nail cutter? where's that sd/compact flash card? Have you paid our phonebills? Did you reply to that email from so and so? Have you brushed your teeth? *eeekk i never should have mentioned that?!* hahaha ...and yes, the list can go on. And more often that not, I would find myself scratching out my head but I just give Brian either the 'guilty glare' or the 'innocent grin'. Teehee. I hope this didn't come with age. Duh. No one's admitting - not me. not yet. Haha. Life's too fun to think one is aged enough, yeah?

Wait wait, I was supposed to try blog about some few parts of the long overdued Bali trip on this post but here I am putting that aside again (i sure sound hopeless now, do i?).. Sorry. I'm starting my week, actually crazier...and the anticipation of every tomorrow has been killing me, or maybe it's just me putting too much thought on it. You wonder what I'm talking about huh? Forgive me, I tend to talk to myself a lot. And just jot down things, if only I could pick better words I could at least sound poetic...but my writing is just how it is. You surely must have noticed lots of grammatical erros/typos here and there. So yeah, I do wanna learn to write better along the way. And that's why I love to read and catch up with books I haven't flipped out yet.

And guess what? Just few days ago. while in the midst of packing up (since we are moving out to a newer place this week) the happy thought slip into my head: "I wanna build me a really-mini-library." Nothing fancy but I'd like to try come up with a lil rustic/shabby corner in our bedroom (hope there's enough room for it!) where it's cozier to pick a book, gaze at them, smell them and sat lazy in a beanbag maybe. And Brian agreed, yeyy! And I'm gonna DIY pretty little things to make it look ..well, pretty enough i hope! Hehe Those are just really random thoughts for now...I hope I'd accomplish this soon before this little dream dies away! *wink*

One of my inspiration was this....back at Bohol Bee Farm.
And I quote,

"It's the little things in life

That brings the greatest happiness."

How was your Monday? 
Spreadin' happy happy thoughts. 
I can't wait for tomorrow to come. 
Law of Attraction, Law of Attraction!!!! 

2 souls warmed my heart... ♥:

Shutterfairy March 8, 2011 at 7:58 AM  

i heart the mini library idea.. i have mine but it's not artsy fartsy shabby chic like the way i want it.. the books are now mixed with plastic of clothes and stuff for the shop..

Josephine Sicad-Minerva March 8, 2011 at 6:55 PM  

@Shutterfairy: i imagined you to have a really shabby boutique with your fab stuff... would be sooo happy to visit every time. =)

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