Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chase your Dreams.

Quote love and inspired deeply from a great writer/friend, Tinay Buenavista.

My vintage-find-oxford-fave-pair! =) Oh they make my feet happy!
I even had that wee thought i don't mind having these as my wedding shoes.
Aha moment there! Hehehe

Yesterday we had a really fun spontaneous shoot at a lovely couple's cozy home (pillow fights and all that *wink* ...will post a preview of that soon)!!!
And then, tomorrow, off to a fun fair shoot at Universal Studios Singapore!

Oh la la! Have a happy weekend people!
Let's all keep chasing our dreams! ♥♥♥

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Off from work for two days, apparently I'm getting ahead of everyone's weekend. =)
And I got awfully lots lots of oh-happy-busy things on my to-do-lists!!!

Yesterday night I went out with the husband hunting for vintage items again --- well well, of course we've found pretty pretty wondrous things and bought a few (including a treasure box) which I'll post one of these days soon. *wink*

And guess what? My heart fell out and my jaw dropped all the way down (haha!) when I couldn't believe my eyes holding on a probably 100-yr-old camera (a Daguerreotype i think!)) at a vintage store. If only I could afford one for a lifetime keepsake!!!! I even saw torn paper notes of the photographer (May He/She rest peacefully) dated 1910 inside the leather box. I got all suddenly wishful he/she could have been my great great greaaaatttt grandparent --- imagine all my goosebumps!!! Hehe and oh I wish I have taken a shot but I left my trusty camera at home =( Of course, I'm plotting to get back there soon! *wink*

The image above by the way was taken during one of my client shoot.
I miss playing so I finally bought a chess board and has reminded the husband I have used to beat up my father when I was in grade school so he better gear up! *grin grin* Ahahahahah

Spreadin' la la la ♥♥♥

Saturday, May 22, 2010

One of Life's Gifts...

Today I jump out of bed!!! (literally, set up few stuff in the speed of light hehe, hubby still snoring by my side, unkempt hair and forgive me, I haven't even brushed my teeth haha).

Then I said a silent prayer, being thankful for EVERYTHING that has happened in the past that had somehow woven what I have become TODAY and even more thankful to what could possibly happen yet.

And I thought I'd just shout that out one Saturday morning. =)
Happy weekend everyone!

Day 125/365.  Project 365.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Railway Hunt

PICTURE THIS OUT:  Me at the center of this railway, on my knees to take a low angle shot...and little did we know, a train was fast approaching only few seconds away from where I was. Talk about serious adrenaline rush, oh yeah! you bet! My knees were all shaking after running to save our lives! Hahaha

Let me do a little playback. Yesterday the husband and I went hunting for an abandoned railway in Singapore. Prior to this, I did google searches in the passed days and thus how I got directions how to go there.

Few minutes of walking, and there it was ---- a magical rustic place. *BIG GRIN*
Well, it is magical for me --- I can only imagine infinite things to do a shoot here! Teehee!  
This was the first abandoned railway we found though. The 2nd part of our hunt was finding that other railway (first image above) with longer tracks. All along we thought, it was also abandoned ---apparently NOT!
I SWEAR ---- as I was running away from the tracks, everything seemed in slow motion. Teehee! My life before me almost flashback in an instant ---now the weirdest part? I couldn't remember being scared though! After being safe, couldn't help but laugh out loud with the husband who also ran opposite of me when everything happened too fast! Haha!

I know this isn't something I should tell to my mother, I can't imagine how'd she'll react so I hope she'll never find out. Ooops! =)
And I know, I shouldnt be taking this lightly now that Thank-God-no-limbs-were-broken-or-so! --- all points taken, BIG LESSON learned --- never will I stay on a blind corner again and uhmmm, --- watch out for trains! =)


On the comical side of it all, believe it or not, I just never felt more ALIVE than ever before. =) 
Pictures of me taken by the husband and around this time, the train has gone by. 
Can you tell by my expression any aftershock? *grin grin*

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A sobering thought...

There's something I've been wanting to shout out but I can't yet. =)
My heart's beating like a jungle drum but I'm keeping it between me and Mr Universe for now. *wink*

I know He knows the longings of my heart.
So today, i keep my hands up to Heaven...and await when my stars align again.

I got this gut feeling it's really pretty SOON.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

For the hand that rocks the cradle...

I recall I'm not the Mama's girl type. I grew up more close to my Papa. Oftentimes, I'd run being scolded all the time by my mother during my childhood, well --- I wasn't exactly your 'most behaved' daughter,too. Haha But to cut this story short, I love her more than she'll ever know, even how much I thought I hated her for not giving me always what I wanted back then. Her unspoken love showed much on her undying efforts of making sure we, her children, grow up as what we are today --- a firm believer of the greater good. =)

This is the part where I am now teary eyed ---- I do miss her, being away from home.
I called her yesterday but didn't even manage to greet her ahead (I was holding up the thought of it). I wanted her to think we didn't remember what today is, after all these years, we're not used to celebrating Mother's Day anyway.

But actually, I asked my brother to buy her a surprise *wink*.
So later, I'm giving her another call --- say, let's hope no cryin' at the other end of the line. huh? =)

Happy Mother's Day my Mama Lucing!

And to All that have and will Rock the Cradle!!!! God Bless YOU for ruling this WORLD! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

{E-Session} Dexter & Mhaidz: Cotton-Candy-kind-of-Love!

How do I begin telling you about this uber fun and sweet-as-cotton-candy-shoot at Disneyland Hongkong?
You sure have seen these two lovebirds coz I've actually done a previous engagement shoot with Dexter and Mhaidz last February in Singapore and when they found out late last year that I was planning to go Hongkong (my 2nd visit now) in April this year, they booked together with me our plane tickets instantly! Well, not exactly instantly, but you know what happens when we're too ecstatic to pack our bags!!! Teehee!!!

The weather then when we arrived in Hongkong wasn't exactly what we expected since it was all cold for a Spring at less than 20 degrees, apparently sudden temperature changes (imagine my so-cold-feet on an open toe sandals! brrrrrrr) but that didn't stop us at all even with the drizzling rain that warned our way ---- and then guess what? Though we didn't see Mr. Sun, we were all soooo grateful the skies were bit clearer all rest of our disney experience! 

These are a few faves from our shoot. I'm not putting up as many since the couple wants to surprise their families too for the rest of it on their wedding day this coming September 2010. =)
Warning: Don't stare too much on the popcorn, they make you crave coz now I am. Hah!
Love love love cotton candy!!!! Don't you drool now! Hehe

I hope you don't notice something on the next shot below....
well well..try and stare...anything wrong???'s clue: we actually borrowed those baloons from the street vendor at Disney...but he said he can't let it go and just hand over to guess where he is? 
Yep, he's behind the two. Hahaha
Now, would we ever dare miss riding the carousel? Of course not.
Twas my most favorite ride of all...
well okay, I admit, the only ride I can take as many times as I want. *grin*
Taken last April 16, 2010
Disneyland Resort, Hongkong

New lovey logo! ♥ ♥ ♥

Yey! new lovey logo ....looks familiar?
Well im not sure if anyone has the same out there...but i'm still bragging this! hehe

Uber thanks to a husband whom I didn't know has so much talent than what he already have...Wehehe *hugs to hubby*

He handrawned with his wacom zoom in to view the tiny details!
So what dya think?

P.S. Image taken from my recent trip at Disneyland, Hongkong last April 16, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

{E-Session} Mhaidz & Dexter: All You Need is....

Come rain or shine, this engagement shoot was supposedly cancelled but not when you're workin' with high-spirited couple as Dexter and Mhaidz. 

Here's the actual timeline: around 2pm, we met up in the train. Off we went together to our chosen location at Botanical while on our way, guess what terrified us looking at the clouds ahead of us? Well, we hated to say it but darn it looked like it's gonna oh-my-gawwd-RAIN!!! Around 3pm, we arrived at our destination and needless to say, we were soaked under our umbrellas with our half-hopeful grins. Tsk tsk. We decided to call it off when it was almost 5pm (no hope left for the rain to stop) and left the garden and well, tried to cheer ourselves by grabbing some food to fill in our less happy stomachs. Teehee! And just when we were already deciding to go home (in fact even split our ways), wanna guess again??? ------  Hooorahhhh! the skies cleared up so unexpectedly. 

Mhaidz called me back and in no time, we're back to the garden half past 5pm....and no matter the lil gloominess and almost zero sunlight, we managed to blew bubbles of love shots together! Huuurrrraaaayyy!!!

The couple are having their church wedding soon this coming September 2010 so the rest of our prenup shoot will remain as a surprise to their loved ones and families. =)
Taken: March 14, 2010
Assistant: Radney Brian Minerva =)
Location: Botanical Gardens, Singapore

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