Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{E-Session} Joel and Canice

I felt all jittery to be honest when Joel sent me an email last March 2010. I literally jumped off my chair and breathlessly told the husband about shooting their pre-wedding sessions (prenup/engagement) and the actual Chinese wedding ceremonies,too. Was I ready for the latter? I had that question playing over and over my head that time. I even honestly told Joel in my response how amateur I was but to shoot a wedding was really something I've been way much eager to try. 

To my happy surprise, they hired that amateur in me. Teehee! I'm never lucky in winning lotteries or such, I'm glad photography brings that same jumpy feeling of winning. Wait, I think I sounded unfair. Coz to capture a couple's joy and love for each other in still frames is defnitely more than winning some pot of cash, you bet! =)

I did mention back at the preview how I knew Joel and Canice. Both are such cheerful to work with. And I had a laugh when I read Canice's FB status post saying how fun and addictive it was after our photoshoot that she felt like doing it again and again! Ahahah 

These love duo go long way back since meeting at a summer camp in their junior college. Their smiles and laughters radiate and I'm glad to have captured these special moments with them! 

This one photo below taken by Brian. I love! 
"Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.", Winnie the Pooh said so.
*nod nod nod*

We loved this railway. It was just few walks away from Joel's home. 
And I've been wearing a big grin while looking at them. 
Aren't they the sweetest?
Would you have guessed that this trailer truck is one big garbage bin? Ahahha
Well, I just find beauty in them. They always come out as lovely texture backdrops. 
And the couple rocked it out while I shoot them! =)
And this is the part where Joel and Canice wore their wedding suit and gown. 
They wore them before the actual wedding being part of tradition. =)
I wish to shoot more sunlight haze. I go crazy in love.
And here's another one taken by Brian. So simple yet it can tell a story. My ever faved!
Oh, look! we found a lovely swing....oh lalala!
And then after a few swings...there's one of that sweetest moment! 
One more shot from Brian below. I love this very moment while they were walking.
It was hard picking which top faves I want to post here really. But the rest will be shown on their upcoming wedding to give a lil more surprise to their families and friends. *wink*
And yes, I am all stoked to be shooting SOON my now 2nd official wedding this year!!! 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tick tock.

Timestamp: 2:03 am

This is probably not a good idea to write because any moment from now, my eye balls are gonna roll down the floor. But I'm trying.....aside from biting my lips or slapping my cheeks, to keep myself wide awake until 6 more hours. For anyone who doesn't know, I am not (yet!) a full time photographer so I'm at the office now working on one of my nightshift. I'm not complaining's my own fault for sleeping lesser and lesser lately, why? well, I'm sure you can try to guess! Haha But yeah, that's really NOT a good habit to keep. *guilty grin*

Brian has kept reminding me (over months?) and even suggested a sleeping curfew before (imagine?!). It worked for perhaps just one week. Teehee. Apparently, I'm as hard-headed as a rock. I'm certain though I'm not alone on this. *nod nod nod*

Now, I'm just feeling the need to knock my head out with the 7 effective habits I've learned before --- particularly, on putting FIRST things FIRST. Quoting:

"To live a more balanced existence, you have to recognize that not doing everything that comes along is okay. There's no need to overextend yourself. All it takes is realizing that it's all right to say no when necessary and then focus on your highest priorities." - Stephen Covey

SOOC (straight out of the camera) and unedited image (jst added my logo) I took few weeks ago from a really neat 105mm 2.8 micro lens I rented and now I'm really drooling to get one at least to add to the wish-list.  If I'll be shooting more details on a wedding, this is surely a MUST.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{E-Session} Randolf & Charisse - PREVIEW

It could have rained that weekend when we had this shoot...but it didn't. The sun was all up for us to bask under it.

You know I always say that I'm a firm believer in positive things and if you've never believed in Law of Attraction, I should tell you once and again --- you better NOW, coz so far, it's never failed me. *big grin* If things do fail at some point, it sounds too cliche, yes --- but it's always better to look at the brighter side of it all. *nod nod nod*

And receiving delightful emails from clients is part of my law of attraction too. Aheheh. =)
I remember when Charisse surprised me with an excitable FB msg last March 2010 telling me how she was just blog-hopping and luckily saw my site and how excited she was to have me take their prenup shoot,too. Later did we realize we also have common friends, how even more exciting to know! =)

Will tell you more about these fun and sweet couple soon, so here're sneaky peeks for yah!!! 

Love love love this ghetto locations!!! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Tagaytay Experience.

This is a late post. =)

We got back from our trip last Sunday night. And right now, I'm honestly racing with time catchin' up loads of happy edits. I wanted to talk bout the whole trip,too and most especially the whole exhilarating experience shooting a wedding officially for the first time..... yes, you heard me...although I've covered 2 other weddings as second shooter, it was my first official wedding shoot as main photographer but ooops, you won't hear all the details about it yet on this blogpost. Hehehe One thing I should tell you ahead though is --- I'm glad I did not screw up many things. I think. *grin* And I learned HEAPS of lessons on that big day.  *wink wink*

I promise to post the wedding highlights VERY SOON! I've never been as crazy excited!!! =)

In the meantime, image above was a view of the famous Taal Lake on the day of the wedding last Sept 18, 2010 and below was a shot taken as we kissed-goodbye to this really lovely place, few hours before our flight back to Singapore the next day. We didn't have much time to explore the whole town actually so it was really a treat to also enjoy this breath-taking view.
Thanks to the kindest and sweetest newly married Dre and Chel for sending us off to the airport and to the groom's brother, Jess for taking this shot for us.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Defined Path.

If you’re battling with trusting God for His perfect will in your life, Let Go. 
Seriously. God loves you so much you’ll always get your way…
but chances are you won’t be happy. Just trust the Lord knows what’s best for you, 
even if that means not having a clearly defined path. 
~ Jasmine Star

Barely 45mins to go before we go on board our flight (and i'm still bloggin?) to Manila for the wedding shoot this Saturday, so this is just a really really quick post  --- and let's hope I didn't forget anything (like my camera?!) Surely, you know i'm kidding. haha!

And I'm glad my bestfriend Yvon is the kindest to lend me her macbook for this trip. I wish there was any way I can bring my iMac. Har we kinda sort of swap for a few days. Teehee!

Earlier today, I ran around some errands: picked up my dress from Zara((yey!!!)), got a pretty oxford wedgy to match with it ((another yey!)), rented some warrior lens (a 70-200mm and a decent macro),  and I think, I'll be ready to brave the storms!!! Haha!

Well, you know what...that's just me tryin' to put up a strong upfront really....inside, I'm still having stomach flip-flops. Brian is even mad at me right now...coz I love cramming, and I'm so disorganized with most (note: not everything) of my things and I even forced to bring my Teddy bear even when there's no more room for him in the bag..oh poor Teddy.....and Brian doesn't fave that part of me...and we argue...and I just continue typing this while he's having all the headache. *grin* After a while, he walks away.....and comes back with an energy drink for me and smiles. I think he's a Saint. And now I'm guilty.

So I'll just stop blogging now and will work on cuddling a sorry. Tsk tsk.
And I pray that everything will just fall into their rightful places as this amazing weekend unfolds.

Universe, will you whisper a prayer,too? =)
If you already did, T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U!

The husband and me with my boisterous laugh. No, I'm just acting this up. LOL
Image taken from a shoot last Sunday. My client was so kind to take a snap of us. 
Thanks to Karon! *wink wink*

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up ahead>> Exhilarating Weekend

I can almost smell the trees and winding roads....I'm too exhilarated, I'm tryin' not to skip a heartbeat! =)

Remember when Andrew and Rochel flew from Manila to Singapore last May and had their engagement shoot with me?

Well, this weekend I'm meeting them again and this time, together with Brian, the husband/second shooter, they are flying us out from Singapore off to Manila from Sept 17-19, 2010 and will shoot their wedding in Tagaytay Philippines --- and as I am typing this, I can already feel my stomach flip-flopping. LOL (I actually just feel like this normally before every shoot, I'm not even kidding.)

Of course, I feel anxious --- but more than that, I'm beyond honored to be part of their journey together towards marriage and it has become one of my utmost dream-come-true to be able to capture one of the most important day of their lives. =)

Now, aren't these one of the coolest  & rockin' wedding invitations? =)

The bride herself made the layout using the images we took from their engagement photos. She even surprised me by sending an invitation copy all the way from Manila.

I heart these gestures a LOT. They're too priceless. And I really feel so lucky now.

More than ever, BIG Thank You Andrew and Rochel for trusting us to shoot your upcoming wedding. I can't wait to share your story thru every image I can take! See you VERY VERY SOON! =)


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{E-Session} Jett & Michelle

Michelle sent me an email sometime end of June and till now her kind words keep me holdin' my breath and feeling just utterly thankful. Really. She wrote:

"I love your style not just in taking pictures but also in blogging, and even you're being an old soul.
You're website is something very personal and going through it I felt what you must have been feeling when writing those or taking those gorgeous shots." 
I got all stoked. And for some other people, this might be just so naive to say, and i won't get tired of saying/blogging about it --- but I've never felt as always blessed ever since I started photography and met wondrous clients that naturally has become my friends. One way or another, I'm glad my works are reaching out to them. It just REALLYYYY warms me up to keep doin' what I'm doin' and I hope to do better in every experience I get. 

So anyway, before I start going all soppy again --- I was too excited to hear why Michelle wrote to me. Her husband who's working in Singapore now celebrated his birthday earlier this August and she wanted to surprise him by flying from Manila and gave him a birthday visit. How really sweet is that? I just love surprises myself and we came up with the plan of having their photos taken even just for a short hour. Imagine how quick but all fun it turned out!!!

How lucky we were to find one rummaged couch along the sidewalk --- my eyes beamed and what dya expect? Of course, we just clicked away loads of fun!!!

They'll be getting married in November this year in the Philippines and I wish them all the best for a happily new married life soon! 
Taken August 14, 2010

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