Sunday, January 30, 2011

{SNEAK PEEK} My First Official Wedding in 2011 Hehe. I woke up today (like last time) with all the body aches (my hands and arms still hurt) from yesterday's lovely wedding shoot. I rented out a more than a kilogram Nikon D700 and mostly used a 24-70mm lens to have my first hands on try and till now, I can't get my thoughts out of owning them for real SOON. Oh Universe, I know I've been too out loud cryin' about it you're hopefully NOT tired of hearing me out, right? *big grin* 

And while in the middle of my nap & rolling lazily in bed, I figured I forgot to even say 'Hello, I'm back (again!)' from my latest Cebu trip. Haha and I just need to pop in on the blog quickly. After all, I surely can't wait to blog everything about my first official wedding shoot experience for 2011 ---  it was really a full of laugh and love on a rainy day and I'm still beyond happy to bank on the experience I get every time. *wink wink*

I was supposed to also have my long run today (at least a wishful 15km) but since it's been raining forever, that's postponed till sun shines again. Bummer huh? :P

Oh well, here's just a quick look first of the pretty Bride yesterday... =)

And below was us after the wedding was done (quick pose while we still have lil energy left, sorry the shot seem creepy! hah!). I just have to say it out loud,too how crappy tired (but happy still) I already look i so hated my hair last night and husband is still mocking me about it (errr! hehe) 
beside me: the husband Brian (right) and Paul (left, brother in law in Cebu) from Calograph
(whom I asked again to assist shooting for the day, Thanks again Paul!) 
-- yeah I know they're the only ones who's giving the sort of "cool" look! 
but hey! my new lace booties are!!! Gah!!!

Happy (rainy) Sunday everyone!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Food & Travel - Cebu} I heart country crafts & whatnots.

"Tomorrow's life is too late. Live Today."
This was during my first trip this January in Cebu. I've only passed by this eye candy place last time I was home and I'm glad my bff Mae brought me to this oh crafty luvin' place that I really wished I can buy all that they've displayed in their tiny artsy shop (and wish it wasn't too pricy).

But it's still a favorite place to be. I'd love to go back next time I go home.

If it wasn't too heavy to bring some stuff back to Singapore, I would have bought many of these...especially that crafty wall clock.

And at a little corner in the shop, you'll surprisingly find a really pretty dining area --- I couldn't help fall in love with the whole set up and wished I'll shoot weddings like theseeee --- swooooningggg!!!!

Bff Mae with her husband Gold --- missing you both now!!! Thanks for the hearty treat!!!

My deli dish. Oishiii!
To Mae, next time I'm back in Cebu, you better bring me to more happy places like this too okay?! =)
Happy hearty Thursday everyone! 

Taken Jan 7, 2011
Simply J's /Country Craft Shop (near Ayala Cebu, after Park Lane Hotel)
Cebu, Philippines

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Greatest Secrets.

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets 
are always hidden in the most unlikely places." 
~ Ronald Dahl 

This is a crazier ME saying goodbye to my 30yrs of lazy straight hair and now wearing a just-got-of-bed-hair-do!!! haha --- oh yes, I finally took the plunge --- went straight to a salon to get a perm (coz i wanted to try big wavy curls on me) and prayed like I've never prayed before. Hahah *no kidding on the prayin' part, really!* And wait..i might have to change the blogheader soon,too huh? (although is there really a difference?) Nyahaha!

So I'm not gonna deny it --- the husband and my bestfriends know very well how lazy I am to keep a hairstyle --- by that I mean, I don't really comb my hair...well, I do at least once a day. =) But now with a different crowning glory, I might seriously miss owning a hair comb some day. Gah!!!!

Quick post because I got 2 hours left before boarding my flight...yes, I'm leaving again and back to Cebu for the next 4 days.....and I'm squaeeeeeling once more! Be right back soon!!!

Oh happy weekend everyone!!!

p.s. I had to ask the husband to take quick photos of me today. Yes, it took us few outtakes obviously. Haha
      Thanks honeybee!!! *wink*

Monday, January 17, 2011

{E-Session} Mike & Joyce

Priceless. That's how it's always been and it never fails to bring an overwhelming joy when a client tells you again and again how much they love seeing their photos, uses them as their Facebook profile photo and are thankful they were taken by you. Truth be told, I should be the one more thankful for each of that opportunity. It's a lifetime gift I will treasure with me. Really. =)

Meet Mike and Joyce. They're getting married this fact next week. Joyce sent me a message one time how excited she was feeling looking again at these photos and at that time, she was actually putting them all together for a scrapbook --- I thought I'd cry reading that. Because i'm a sappy one just like that. And too excited for her BIG DAY that I'd wish I could be there for her wedding,too.  =)
It actually came as a surprise meet up with Mike & Joyce. Mike didn't know that Joyce was planning to surprise him on meeting with me and planning a schedule that instant to have their engagement photos taken while Mike is on a vacation in Singapore. It was bit funny remembering Mike's facial reaction --- the good kind of reaction thankfully. Hahahha *winks to Mike*
Your clever surprise worked well Joyce! Hehe =)
And this is when it all gets oozing with la la la love....

Because I love shooting in alleys.... this makes me think of somewhere not in Singapore, hmmm, Italy maybe? =)

I love that LOOK guys... stare straight right back at me and I already know, how in love you both are! =)

Laugh out loud moments...Hahaha

Take that big big jump Mike!!!

Oh we found this mini-cooper parked cute!!!
And while the car's owner wasn't nearby, this is what happens...heheh
Oh no, this isn't a mini-cooper magazine advert...hehehe but you bet Mike nailed it! Cool, huh?!!! =)

Such a sweet look Joyce. Love it!!!

Off to some coffee break....

And endless laugh conversations....

And some street walks....

And ending the session out in the beach....

Sweet sweet sweeeeeetttt!!!!

And then it drizzled.....and the rain poured out....and these two were all game for it!!! Talk about spontaneous!!! Weeeeh!!! =)
Left image above taken by Brian from a far while he was taking care of our things in a shed....and yes, imagine me one arm bringing an umbrella , the other arm shooting my heart out under the little rain. Heheh
I wanted to print this in one big canvass. =)

Love...rain or shine it is! =)
Wishin' you both all the love and happiness that you both deserve!!!
Congratulations and Best Wishes in advance on the BIG DAY soon!!!

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