Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seeing a whole new perspective.

"What is important in life is Life, and not the result of life."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  Preview. Roadtrip in Melaka, 12th March 2011. 

I've not blogged (again) for ageeees (read: 7 unbelievable days so this could be a long post ahead). And I have missed jogging for over a week, too. *deep sigh* But finally today, I managed to wake up early and dragged myself out of bed to have 10 rounds at the stadium just 5mins walk in our new neighborhood. Yes, new. We just moved in to a newer place and will tell you tidbits of that later on.

But first, you might wonder where have I been, huh? Here's a quick run through my week:
  • Michael Buble's concert jazzed up my night last Wednesday when he visited Singapore. I swear! I screamed till I couldn't scream anymore! =)
  • We did so much packing with our stuff last Thursday till the wee wee hours.
  • Friday, we moved in to the new neighborhood. Too excited. But not a relief yet because that also means there's a mountain of unpacking to do afterwards.
  • Saturday, went off straight for our sleepless road trip to Melaka . 5+ hrs of bus ride and yes, that will be another blogpost on the pipeline later ..later..later.
  • Sunday, we got back home in Singapore late night...and well,..we ended up staying till the wee hours again of unpacking & organizing our things.

It's now middle of another week and time is fleeting by too fast. At least that's how I feel about it. But I am not complaining. Not ever going to. Because on the other side of this planet or somewhere out there, things don't exactly feel the same.

We all know by now how the World stood still last unbelievable awe, as northeastern Japan faced one of the worst yet ever recorded earthquakes followed by a really devastating tsunami. I thought for a second, those things really just happened in movies but it was as real as it was. I'm glad to hear that our friends living in Japan are now safe but still, I couldn't begin to imagine the lives lost and how survivors will continue to be haunted by the unfortunate events. I cry reading every story told in the news and if I can, I try to avoid the videos because they are too heartbreaking.

Things like these do make you see things life in a whole new perspective. If not, I don't know what else does. And if you remember I was this happy when I finally got my Japan Visa last week to visit there by first week of April (that's next month!). After seeing what happened to Japan, I received some messages from friends and I'm grateful that you shared your thoughts to stay safe if we ever push through our travel plans. Some of my closest friends are too worried. My sister in Canada even messaged me to cancel our travel right away. But I told her to stay calm.

To be honest, I haven't changed my mind at all. I still want to go. I never thought, even for a second, to cancel our flight, unless there was a travel advisory of course. But visiting there soon might be on a different mood. If there is a chance to help in whatever way we can while we are there, I told the husband that we spare a part of our travel just to do that. And for those who are too worried, I hope it will help you to also stay calm that we plan on only staying at the western part, opposite side of where the disaster was.

Till then, I will keep you all updated through my twitter/FB posts. =)

I know Japan could recover fast. Or maybe slower but they will. And I believe they're a really strong nation and for generations they have been raised to face positively and courageously any adversities. That's how we should all learn to live by, too. 

Each moment counts. For those who want to know how to help, here's a helpful link.

While we can, let's all keep praying fervently for Japan and the rest of the World.

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Shutterfairy March 16, 2011 at 12:37 PM  

My friend is going to Japan still in May.. and like you she told everyone else to stay CALM..=) I'm sure you will enjoy your Japan trip..

Love the vintage shirt.

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