Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back & beyond.

It's overwhelming to look back at how 2010 unfolded with so much challenges and lessons learned on my road to photography. It makes me start getting all sappy & sentimental (again) how much the Universe conspired every step of the way. I started out in 2009 all fired up (and maybe vain!) but still  naive to hold out my camera out there (you'd all probably laugh out when you see how I started but oh well, tsk tsk) and having been behind the viewfinder, photography has brought me amazing experiences and got connected to a LOT of beautiful inspiring people (in person and online) --- and if those things came wrapped as a gift --- I'd never trade it with anything else in this world, not a single chance --- even if you try and bribe me with that diana dreamy lens I've been drooling lately! *grin*

So everyday, I owe the Universe an attitude of gratitude ...and for all the wondrous couples I've met along the way, I won't get tired of saying THANK YOU for putting more meaning to what have shaped my very soul till this day. Because having been able to document a part of your lives & love stories is one of the most rewarding thing I'll cherish ever.

Aivan & Gaya, Singapore, Oct 2010
Rhoel & Blanche, Singapore, Nov 2010

And to the more than 1,000 friends (likers) in my Facebook page, a few following me on Twitter now & to YOU who maybe just lurking around every now and then *wink wink*, I hope I've, one way or another, brought some love and inspiration to you through every post I've shared in the past. (although forgive my random non-sense-shout-outs sometimes teeheee).

My wish remains the same --- to one and all ---
Here's to Law of Attraction & May 2011 be as GRAND as your DREAMS can ever be!!! 

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