Tuesday, July 6, 2010

{E-Session} Ian & Nina

"As real as it gets!"

That's what my dear friends Ian and Nina just simply wanted that day.

We had really limited time, so we did a half-day spontaneous shoot at one of the busiest streets in Singapore. Just being as they are, in one of their matchy-matchy wear, enjoying the hassle and bustle of the city.

Oh you know, I really can't begin to write to you about their unrivaled affair that stood a 2-yr long distance love. It's one of those stories you'd think will happen only in the movies or something you read from a book, but no. Here they are...together...FINALLY. 

Nina is currently based in Singapore...
While Ian was living in California back then...
But you know how love conquers it all.... did I just sound too cheezy saying that? Hehe
Ian just left California to finally stay together with Nina in Singapore.
That's why they're such 'soul sisters'.
Awwww.... =)
Nina & Ian love Ben & Jerry's...so we stopped by for a scoop...yum!
With their matchy-matchy wear, you wouldn't have hard time pointing where they were in the crowd, huh?
I had fun shooting this while noticing the rest just minding their own business-es. Haha
Then we found this phonebooth and played around some "Hello" game hehe
Throughout their distant relationship, you can imagine the long hours 
over the phone & video chats. =) 
On our way home...
And this is what happens when you rush out from the train..hahaha 
Ian and NIna just got civilly married last June 30, 2010 in Cebu, Phils. 
I wished I was there but not really totally sad, for I wont definitely miss their church wedding next year soon.
And we sure will have another e-session by then! *wink*

Congrats and Best Wishes to you both!
Lov yah guys! 
Now stay happily married forever! Mwah!

2 souls warmed my heart... ♥:

ian July 6, 2010 at 9:38 AM  

you rock Jhoe! million thanks for your effort and creativity...

ian clark and nina lorraine July 6, 2010 at 9:43 AM  

Jhoe! Thank you sooo much for this session! You know i was never that comfortable with making poses for the camera, i remember my first good shot with you was when you pushed me to the wall at Suntec! I am not sure if its because i was too comfortable with you or i just didn't know you were taking shots most of the time, but truly, thank you for the pretty me in your pictures! Mwah! hehehe

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