Sunday, August 22, 2010


For a moment, let's forget that I had that moodswing yesterday.... *tounge out*
(In case you missed it, Part 1 was here.)

I've been itchin' to post the sequel ..finally here it is! (I'm sorry I kept some of you waiting, have I?) let me take you back to that ever-so-fond memory of dining retro-style, slurping and kissing and purely rockin' 'round the clock, huh...are you with me?  Ready.....on my count.....
**** insert magic swoosssh sound of Blast into the Past ****
In retrospect, Janis and Paulo... oh i love!!!! so much!!!
(insert blooper: applause to anyone who notices me through the glass...hahah..wasn't that obvious?)
I wish I could take this juicy jukebox home with me.....
Slurp slurp slurpin' ....lovin' lovin' lovin'.....
Want a bite??? *nom nom nom*
Hello, I wanna have this for my kitchen!!! can i can i? 
And did you know I died seeing that jukebox? =) 
p.s. My second shooter, a.k.a, the husband took this shot by the way...oh I so like!
And look what we have found outside the diner....
Thu-thu-thunnnnder----birdddd babyyy!!!!
(p.s. another shot by the husband here..yey!)
So, are you taking us for some retro-luvin-ride, Pau??? ;p
Oooops, looks like we got a some fixin' to do, huh? 

We couldn't drive around the thunderbird obviously, 
so who's stoppin' us while we dance in the middle of the street? 
These two are seriously one of the coolest fun lovin' people, I'm so grateful I've met them.
I'm all just grinning ear to ear now...
I had so much fun shooting that day and I'm starting to really miss them. =)

And I can't wait these two get married early next year. 
Their kind of love is the kind that lingers thru and it makes you just giggle. 


Taken last May 30, 2010
Universal Studios Singapore

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mai August 22, 2010 at 8:31 PM  

i heart your photos jhoe

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