Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Defining moments.

"Let your experiences define you, shape you, and make you the photographer you want to be." 
I wanted to admit to you something. When I started to learn photography in 2009, I told myself that I'm never goin' to spend a penny to attend any seminar or workshop in photography coz why spend  one when there's a big free source of information out there and just be patient to ask Mr Google, right? Hehehe But then also, I couldn't just afford it yet. However, when there's a rare opportunity of a free online workshop --- yes, unbelievably FREE! --- I wouldn't wanna miss it especially if the instructor is the person who's made mountful of influence to many aspiring photographers like I am.

I hope you've heard of Jasmine Star by now. I keep blabbing about her on my previous post and I went all star struck (you can't imagine how i jump off my chair that time haha) when she left a comment on my blog. Am I vain? Well, maybe I am and I don't care. Ahahah 

So anyway, for the past few days, I had the unimaginable and priceless experience of learning from her via CreateLive Show. My world felt like it stopped as I was following the show. It was about 5 amazing days of epic event where Jasmine covered a real time wedding photography coverage (from preparing a wedding shoot to finish!) and in between that she had all the amount of energy and courage to open herself up and although my style now is different from Jasmine's but she shared her work ethics, branding and everything else that any photographer can learn from. Just imagine how all stressful it must have been for her with all INTERNET watching her every move and listening to every word she said and she even admits that for real in the internet, goes to show she's just being true to herself and keeping it real! That's one of the many things I picked up from her --- K.I.R (Keeping it Real!)

And like her, I prefer shooting more in natural light where I am more inspired to compose my images. My weakness is low light and strobing is the last thing in my mind. I do have few favorite strobe artists (if that's what you call them) and I really have my hats off them. But given circumstances perhaps, I got a basic flash experience but to shoot entirely with flash will never be my favorite thing. Well, not really 'never' haha. You get what I mean. I thought I'd let that out in the open for everyone to know. =) 

That's a screenshot above from Day 1 of the webinar. She talks and resonates powerfully. I can even still hear her voice on my head in between my thoughts. Ahaha =)

So yeah, I'm sending off my undying THANK YOU to Jasmine Star for being such a total blessing and way beyond inspiring and I've said it over and over again how she's become my SUPERHERO. It's never enough to really describe her. One thing for sure, she's just fired me up with more courage to pushing myself in becoming a better photographer, coz seriously, there's tons tons tons of things to learn yet. 

*i'm gonna just tear up right here, right now so excuse me! haha* 

p.s. First photo above is a pile up of old minibooks I rummaged that only cost 50-freakin-cents each ahahaha and the lil camera on top is actually a pencil sharpener gift I got for my bartday from a good photographer friend Vanessa. Loveee love love! 

4 souls warmed my heart... ♥:

mai August 31, 2010 at 3:33 PM  

i love Jasmine Star.. I stare at her photos for hours.. she is for me, one of the best and my favorite wedding photographer..

have to try her creative live show

yeahhhh.. my weakness is lowlight.. and i dont' know how to use a flash.. and i think i do not have the heart to learn how to use it.

blue elephant photography September 1, 2010 at 10:40 AM  

indeed! she is actually pretty inspiring and her work is really great! =)i am the same, i'd rather shoot in natural light - i even don't have a speedlight flash yet lol

Josephine September 13, 2010 at 2:24 PM  

let's all get STAR strucked by Jasmine gurls! =)

shannon November 12, 2010 at 7:25 PM  

you're way too cute! i love her too....i love the fact that she was home schooled and just kept pushing herself to learn. it encourages me that i can get to where i want to be if i just keep pushing myself! sooooooo wish i had this encouragement 15yrs ago!

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