Thursday, October 28, 2010

Film love & dreaming of Sakura.

That quote hit me straight to the gut! Thanks to a really great mentor and friend, TJ Sensei (from my aikido family), who posted it recently on his Facebook status. Hitting 'LIKE' button wasn't seem enough. =)

Now, I have a bursting news but first, let's talk about my new babyyyyyyyy - after a long search, I've finally got a Yashica Mat124G I bought today, handed down, from a cool guy named Tom whom I found through Clubsnap. I hope he didn't find me crazy-naive while I was probably just all looking so silly while listening to him showing me how this vintage treasure works hehe (and while typing this, I'm wishing I won't forget what he just taught me! hmmm).

Apparently, shooting in film has always entice me in such different ways than how you capture things in digital. But please don't ask me how in technical terms or so because my brain would seriously explode. Haha. I just love to play around with these things whenever I can. My few naive and still lame film project in progress is kept secretly here. *grin*

So, yeah, about the bursting news that I can't even find the rightful adjectives to even perfectly say it..... so maybe if you just imagine me jumping high on my feet and dancing like you'll never see me danced before....I think you'll get juuuuustttt the right picture. Haha.

Today happens to be our 3rd-month-church-wedding-sarry! and amazing how law of attraction always works coz we just booked our plane tickets so timely (off from a sale price, thanks to my bff Yvon who sent me the link right away just this morning!) for our overdue ha-ha-honeymoon yet next year *staring intently at the husband*.....and you ask where? .....Springtime in Japan! Banzaiiiiii!!!! (for anyone who knows me well, surely understands how dead serious crazy I am (unlike the husband who's been there a million times, darn!) to really visit that country where ancient samurai was born (i pray i'd see a lifesize shogun), visit the HOMBU DOJO (if even possible), maybe have bath-hopping from one onsen to another, pay tribute to Hachiko, witness the Sakura celebration (i might just cry joyful tears when I get there! no kidding!), track and attempt climbing Mt Fuji (goodluck huh?), eat-all-we-can-authentic-japanese-sushi-sashimi-&-ramen by the sidewalk, then play paparazzi at Shibuya's crazy fab street....oooh i could go on and on with my itenirary forever and this blogpost will bore you to death! haha!)

So it seems I have about 6 months from now to go back to where I left off with my nihongo lessons again. Ganbarimasu!!!!

*now imagine me again tigger-jumping! yosh!!!*

UNIVERSE, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

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blue elephant photography October 29, 2010 at 6:43 AM  

sounds like an awesome trip. been there once quickly. my husband and i haven't had our honeymoon even yet at all :( work just got so busy at that time. the camera is awesome, my friend is trying to convince me to buy a vintage twin reflex lens since she loves using hers a lot. wow, japan honeymoon sounds cool, the cherry blossoms and landscape would be pretty to shoot.

Mary Marantz October 31, 2010 at 8:09 PM  

That sounds awesome! Have a fantastic time!

Josephine Sicad-Minerva November 1, 2010 at 10:31 PM  

@Kachang: i sure hope i'll learn how to properly use this vintage treasure hihi

@Mary: thanks for visiting my blog and for the thoughts! appreciate it! =)

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