Sunday, June 20, 2010

You can let go now, Daddy.

"You can let go now daddy
Your little girl is ready to do this on my own
Its gonna be a little bit scary
But I want you to know
I'll be okay now daddy
You can let go..."
You must have listened to that song a million times...and maybe, being a daddy's girl like me, you're also weeping hearing it over and over again huh? 

The lil girl on the image above is not me by the way, in case you had a wild guess. Ha-ha. But I was reminded of my own dad carryin' me like that somehow years ago. I took it randomnly out in the street yesterday and forgive me, the traffic light just turned green, so I only made one click at this.

Anyway, unlike my relationship with my mom, I grew up being closer to my dad. Well, you know how moms still dominate but I tagged along with my dad more often and hey! it was more fun watchin' kung fu and martial art films with my dad anyway than helping mom do the chores. Ahahaha So yeah, that's why I hate folding clothes until now. Teehee! 

My dad, which I prefer calling "Papa", had influenced me a lot on playing chess in grade school, picking up the guitar in high, and learning aikido in college. All these are my most favorite things that he and I share and talk about mostly. Funny thing though, except for chess, my Papa doesn't know how to play the guitar himself and doesn't know any martial arts,too -- yet he encouraged me to learn them --- and only when I ponder about those times now that i realized why --- he must had so much FAITH on me, too, more than I had faith in myself. And coz of that, I owe him more than a lifetime of most of what I have become today - and for the most part, I've become his little girl who's learned to grow up how to become a one BIG DREAMER. When he learned that I got myself into photography last year, he gave me that genuine Father's smile of support like he always did --- I hope I made him proud somehow. =) 

Well, he turns 61 next month and it'll be he's first to walk down the aisle with me when I get married in a chapel very soon...I wonder how many buckets of tears i'll weep then... oooh, i barely can imagine that at all....not yet.

So while that's not happening today and since the world celebrates Father's Day,
I salute the most important man in my life, Papa Emer!
And to all Dads out there, Happy Father's Day!
♥ ♥ ♥

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che2 July 6, 2010 at 12:38 PM  

hi jhoe, speechless....two thumbs up!!! really like it...

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